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Al Raqeem Trademark Registration Services providing Company located in Dubai, UAE..
We have more than 10 years of experience in trademark registration field.

Our company provides

1. Trademark registration
2. Patent registration
3. Copyright registration.

Now we are doing International Trademark registration, patent Registration and Copyright Registration in Dubai.
So that people can register their own trademark in Al Raqeem from anywhere in this world through online.
Clients can register their own products or services for trademark, patent ,copyright from. Germany, Mexico, Australia, Japan, UK, USA,india, Philippines, Thailand, Denmark, South Africa, Pakistan and more other countries.

Al Raqeem is one of the #1 international trademark registration in Dubai.

What is Trademark registration? What is the purpose of Trademark registration?

trademark is a sign of a product or services.

logo,signature,name,devices,text,words,numerical,headlines these are the trademarks .

if your company have a  logo and name..the trademarks of your company is company logo and company name..

that logo and name is personal trademark of your company.but if your trademark(logo,name) is not registered..anyone can use your trademark...

trademark registration avert the third party usage of your trademarks.
after trademark registration that trademarks are secured in the register.
nobody can not use that registered trademark. illegal crime.

Al Raqeem company will help to register your trademark through online.

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